Investor-State Law Guide

1. What distinguishes Investor-State LawGuide™ from the traditional tools and practices used to research international investment treaty law?

ISLG uses a combination of technology and human resources to put each of its documents through a proprietary data capture process. This allows ISLG to efficiently provide you with a higher degree of granularity, accuracy and comprehensiveness than other research methods.

2. What documents are available on ISLG?

You will find all materials relevant to publicly available ICSID, NAFTA and ad hoc tribunal decisions available in ISLG’s comprehensive document directory. These materials can be filtered in a variety of ways to enable you to obtain the research results you need.

3. Does ISLG offer free trials?

FREE trial accounts are available. Please open a trial account here .

4. How much does a subscription cost?

Different subscription options are available depending on the type of individual or organization. For more specific information on subscription costs please contact us at

5. How much does the Notepad Feature cost?

The Notepad Feature is a new application that provides users with an enhanced ability to track usage and save research. The application is provided FREE of charge. Learn more about the application here. Please contact us today at to get access to the Notepad Feature. 

6. How do I subscribe to ISLG?

For more information or to subscribe, please e-mail us at

7. How do I get more information on using ISLG?

The best way to get a full understanding of the scope of ISLG's document collection and how to use the value added Research Tools effectively is to participate in an online demonstration. To schedule an online demonstration at a time of your convenience, please email us at

More information can also be obtained by reading our brochure or watching our demo video