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Research reinvented.

Investor-State LawGuide (ISLG) has mapped the world of investment treaty law by capturing the relationships between treaties, arbitral rules, cases and other key materials.

Now you can apply that map to your research needs.

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Pinpoint Accuracy

ISLG's technology instantly links you to the specific passages in arbitral decisions and awards where a tribunal discusses a particular legal instrument or prior arbitral decision.


Efficiency Gains

What took hours or even days to research now takes minutes through the use of contextual navigation and an intuitive research interface.


Multifaceted Research

ISLG's integrated and cross-referenced Research Tools enable you to examine a specific legal issue from all angles.


Comprehensive Document Collection

All materials relevant to publicly available ICSID, NAFTA and ad hoc tribunal decisions are available in a comprehensive document directory that can be filtered in a variety of ways.

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